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I did use Method once though. I played General Grant suffering a hangover at Appomatox. I'd never had a hangover at the time, so at the weekend theatre party I got absolutely smashed and had a beauty of one for next day's rehearsal. And there was a bumping heads moment in the scene.
Well can find humor because we both agree that "to each there own" and "whatever gets the bus where it needs to go."

Having said that, I remember quite a few stories regarding Alfred Hitchcock really disliking practitioners of the "method". He was very much a hit your mark, say your lines correctly at the appropriate time. It drove him up the wall when the actor wanted to talk at length about the "why" and "motivation" of everything.

He also was not into the imrpovising that many like to explore. He meticulously story-boarded and laid out everything in pre-production - last thing he wanted was his actors going off the rails.

Then again Hitcock did want Brando for "Marnie" (which would have made for an interesting production). Amazing list of roles turned down by Marlon Brando.
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