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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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Harve Bennett wanted to do this and that's why GR leaked the destruction of the Big E in TSFS.
Mmmm. GR definitely leaked Spock's death during the making of ST II. He had Susan Sackett announce it at a London convention. It made Meyer and Bennett add the Kobayashi Maru Scenario fake deaths to the beginning of ST II - and decades later Bennett thanked Sackett in a "Starlog" interview for forcing them to make ST II's script stronger.

But I don't recall it being GR who leaked the destruction of the Enterprise in ST III. I thought that was done by the division of Paramount who are responsible for making the publicity trailers: we see Enterprise being destroyed in the trailer. "The last journey of the starship Enterprise." Trailers are made by a separate group at Paramount and the producer and director didn't get a say in how the film was to be presented in trailers.

he'd do this by transplanting the crew onto the Excelsior.
IIRC, this was being pushed by the guys who had to use and film the TMP Enterprise model, which was tricky to move around, mount, light and film. The Excelsior model, although bigger in scale in the movie, was very light and only half the size of the Enterprise model in real life.
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