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Re: What are your thoughts on Gary Whitta's "Origins of the Borg" scri

I liked everything but the conclusion which was the whole point of the story. The frozen guy, the virus concept, Janeway having to shoot him after some mutual attraction.. a nice one off Borg ep. if the same old same old. But the origin of the Borg being a weapon gone wrong, BLECH, enough already with that deal. Way too predictable and Trek cliche. Boring, even.

I'm glad we never saw this filmed because the origin of the Borg as a mystery we never got a glimpse of any answers for worked very well. And I'm also glad because the answers we did get in Treklit's Destiny trilogy were fascinating and complex and a great story. Doesn't compare at all to this morality tale of "WMD's are bad mmmmkay".

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