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Re: Deep Space Nine Revisited: A New Perspective

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- DS9 was filled with a surprising LACK of alpha male machismo.
And this is bad?
Apparently! Who knew?

Dog, your criticisms are less "nit picky" and more "massively offensive and frighteningly shallow".

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davejames wrote: View Post
Wow, completely disagree with every one of those. They seem like some very shallow criticisms, and I don't quite get the obsession with masculinity and people's appearances throughout...
Feel free to disagree, but it'd make your argument a bit more plausible with a little substance rather than emotion
Yeah, cause this
TrekDoggyDog wrote: View Post
- It took Kira like 4 seasons to stop being a lesbian.
is a very "plausible" () argument with lots of substance.

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