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Melinda Snodgrass was seriously underrated

Over the past couple of weeks, Hulu offered access to episodes of TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY for free. That ended on Sunday. It was neat while it lasted.

I concentrated on TOS and TNG. The TNG reruns I picked were among my Year #2 and Year #3 favorites: "Contagion", "Up the Long Ladder", "The Ensigns of Command", "Where Silence Has Lease", "The Survivors", "Yesterday's Enterprise", "Tin Man", and "The Best of Both Worlds".

With the possible exception of "The Best of Both Worlds", I believe Melinda Snodgrass was likely on staff at TNG to edit or co-write all of these episodes. (That would be the right time frame) The thing that struck me about all of them except "Best" was the way the characters spoke. You could just see Snodgrass trademark wit all over in the dialogue.
"Captain, when the treaty was first negotiated, the Federation sent 372 legal experts. What do we have?"
"Thee and me?"
- Troi and Picard; "The Ensigns of Command"

"Abort auto-destruct sequence."
"Riker, William T., do you concur?"
"Yes! Absolutely! I do indeed concur! Whole-heartedly!"
"Auto-destruct canceled."
"A simple 'yes' would have sufficed, Number One."
"I didn't want there to be any chance of a misunderstanding."
- the Computer, Picard, and Riker; "Where Silence Has Lease"

"Fate: Protects fools, little children, and ships named Enterprise."
- Riker; "Contagion"

"Sir, may I say your attempt to hold the away team at bay, with a non-functioning weapon, was an act of unmitigated gall."
"Didn't fool you, huh?"
"I admire gall."
- Worf and Kevin Uxbridge; "The Survivors"

I point out the witticisms because the character dialogue in TNG never had this charm before Ms. Snodgrass' arrival nor was it there after she left. (If you ever read her STAR TREK novel, "Tears of the Singers", you would recognize her wit; her writing of TREK characters makes them sound notably different.)

I thought she added something very special to TNG and I miss it to this day. I wonder what TNG, DS9 and ENT would've been like if Snodgrass had been involved in some way. (I know she left on much-less-than-friendly-terms.)
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