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Re: Deanna driving the ship...

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That's like expecting a doctor with rank of commander in the Navy to be able to pilot a submarine. They're different areas of training and it wouldn't make sense for that person to be called on to drive. It was just some nut at Paramount decided it was a good idea to put Sirtis at the helm for dramatic effect.
It really just struck me as strange this time round. The helm officer croaks, and Riker's just like "Deanna, fly the ship!". I mean, there was nobody else on the bridge who could do it? Those twenty or so extras who were hanging around at the background stations?

I don't doubt that she might have some competency with it, especially after getting through the command training (I mean, these people can all fly shuttles, right?). But it's just really odd that she's the first person Riker thinks of. A rash, heat-of-the-moment decision on his part?
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