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What are your thoughts on Gary Whitta's "Origins of the Borg" script?

Never knew about this until today:

Apparently this was close to being shot but got rejected as it didn't tie in with where TPTB were going with the Borg at the time.

You know, on the one hand I think this is kind of neat. Whitta was clearly doing a "Genesis of the Daleks" for the Borg, which is a neat idea. Why not explore where they came from? What would the Voyager writers have had to lose? Doing this script would have been risky, but it might have been a risk that paid off... reading this, I can see it as being a sort of launch-pad to loads of potentially interesting new stories, particularly with 7 of 9.

On the other hand, the script reads like a throwback in other ways. The pacing, the dialogue, could have come from TNG in season two. Whitta's story is good, but it lacks that extra polish. I'm not sure if the Borg's origin as told here is actually very good either. Reavealing them to have been a scientific experiment, designed to be some kind of semi-bilogical weapon which just grew out of control... say what we will about how Star Trek lost the original mystique that the Borg had, but at least we were still left with our own interpretations of who or what the Borg are. The fact that they didn't really have an 'origin' nailed down was one of the things they had going in their favor. I also wonder how the Borg Queen fits into Whitta's tapestry...?

What do you guys think? A potential lost classic, or a story best left alone?
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