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FINAL POLL - March Challenge - March Madness!

It's a madhouse! A MADHOUSE!

BK613 madly challenged us to March Madness - a terrible affliction that often overtakes seemingly normal people - even in Starfleet! - and drives them to unimagineable lengths, and depths. Sometimes, it just makes them crazy enough to enter the monthly Trek Art challenge!

This month, it seems that March Madness of a different type may have distracted our artists - we had only two entries, but that's enough for a challenge! And now the challenge is for you, those folks outside the asylum, to cast your vote for the maddest madness yet . Sure, we've all thought about it, but TrekArt had the guts to do it! In just 2 days, the maddest Hatter, the March hare, will get the awesome responsibility of deciding the April challenge. Klaus, I hope you're thinking!




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