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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

^ As someone who's not much of a classic fan, I do too, to a degree.

I agree with some of your criticisms - the lens flare was over the top, and Spock ejecting Kirk from the ship was hardly the only moment. In fact, my overall assessment of the movie is that it's maybe a 6.5 out of 10 (which would put it at the higher end of the middle of the pack among all 11 films) - an enjoyable romp, that basically succeeds by being just very fun to watch, despite having a storyline that is, for the most part, dumber than a bag of rocks. Though I have to side with Nerys on a couple things, as well - there was nothing "horndog" about Spock's behavior (or Uhura's, for that matter), and I've never been able to understand why some people are so up in arms over the very existence of that romance. And the "big ship deploys superweapon" - and? Don't see why that's an issue. Specific recurring plot elements are not bad in and of themselves, it's what each movie DOES with them that counts.

All of that said...

If someone just HATED the movie, that's fine. That's an opinion. It's just all this talk about betrayal and pissing on the franchise and JJ being some kind of retarded monkey because he didn't like TMP and on and on (all interspersed with the occasional insinuation that anyone who DID like the movie/DID find it to be "true Trek" is either dumb, deluded, or just doesn't get Star Trek)... come on you guys, it's just a movie based on a TV show.

Warped9 wrote: View Post
TMP is more alike TOS than nuTrek will ever be. For one thing it was adult oriented. It also had some thought behind its ideas. NuTrek...not so much. NuTrek is a shallow reboot and a shallow film. Hell, JJ basically ripped of his beloved Star Wars: A New Hope for the story.
Firstly: The flavor of nuTrek (swashbuckling action adventure; bright, vivid colors; lots of humor; interactions between the characters driving the story) is MUCH closer to a lot of TOS episodes than the flavor of TMP (very slow-paced; no action or humor to speak of; 2001-eqsue feel; plot driven by large-scale revelations; muted, gray color schemes).

I am not talking about quality, which is largely subjective anyway. I'm talking purely about which one resembles TOS more in approach. Granted, TOS sometimes possessed greater depth beyond pure entertainment value (in certain episodes; certainly not across the board), and nuTrek had almost no real depth, but that's ONE point stacked up against everything above. I find it baffling that anyone could think TMP is the more TOS-like between the two overall, since I see barely any similarities between TMP and TOS (even when TOS was at its slowest-paced, most methodical, and most non-action oriented, it couldn't touch TMP).

Secondly, A New Hope? Really? The similarities are quite superficial, unless "planet is destroyed by superweapon" and "has a coming-of-age story for the main character" are sufficient for you to label a work as being a rip-off of ANH.
If some insist on dragging JJ-trek into the TOS forum then don't be surprised if somebody gets pissed about it.
I am pretty surprised by that, actually. I mean, why should people be getting PISSED at the mere mention of JJ and his movie in the TOS forum? It goes back to what I said above: it's just a movie. Seriously.

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