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Re: Is Rod Roddenberry kind of a douche?

Melakon wrote:
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He's 39 years old, hardly a kid.
It depends on the perspective of the person speaking. Someone 39 might be considered a kid if the other person is 10 or 15 years older. The funniest thing I ever heard at 19 was my 101 year old grandfather calling my 70-ish aunt and uncle "kids".
Oddly enough, I am about 15 years older than Rod.

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He's 39 years old, hardly a kid.
Late-30s is just about the age many look back for the first time with perspective and realize what they took for granted and what opportunities they should have made the most of when they were just a kid.
Which has little to do with him being called a "kid".

Just how sheltered a life did this "kid "lead"? Haven't seen the film so I'm not sure. Or are we just making generalization about how "rich kids" live.
Not a matter of being sheltered. To him, growing up with "Star Trek" since birth probably made it all white-noise. Very understandable.
But that's not what Anji was talking about.
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