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Re: anyone else APPRECIATE chakotay's ethnic bits?

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Yep. Narcotics in the 24th century are so advanced you just need a small machine to get yourself high.
ROFL... yeah I thought that remington microscreen horse schnit was ridiculous.. It would have been way more spiritual for chakotay to have like some special herbs or something.. Id have had more respect for him too..

One of my biggest dissapointments with chakotay is that they really could have made him into a "picard" esque type of character. The spiritualism, the renessance... Robert Beltran could have easily pulled off..

And yeah...Chakotay actually says in Season 1 that they invented that device just so they wouldn't have to take drugs lol.
I thought the electronic device was a ripoff too. I distinctly remember wesley crusher going on a vision quest on Daran V (cardassians and indians) using traditional herbs in a habak (sacred house)... So why Chakotay, the han solo of the native american world, needs an empty shuttle, in the middle of nowhere with a Quija board is absolutely beyond me. Chakotay's character from what ive seen so far is a complete disappointment.

I agree with Trekslut, his character should have been more wise and refined like Picard was.
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