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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

Look, guys, ST-2009 had its problems:

- The style was superficial (lens flare etc.) and hyperkinetic.

- Spock marooning Kirk on an ice planet was something you might see in a freewheeling Star Wars "rebellion," not a formal and disciplined service like Starfleet.

- Spock/Uhura gave me the creeps. Outside of ponn farr, Spock was never supposed to be a horndog.

- It was the third Trek film in a row (!) to have an absurdly gigantic enemy ship hover over a planet and deploy a devastating weapon.

That said, we Classic fans should make the best of it. Some good music, some good dramatic scenes here and there, some good ship fx, action set pieces... We should just take what we can from this new version because it does have some things to offer.
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