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Re: Deep Space Nine Revisited: A New Perspective

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Just last week I decided to start rewatching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993 - 1999) via video streaming through Netflix. Eight episodes in and loving it more than I thought.
DS9 Is hands down my favorite of the new age star trek's. I have some issues with it (though most might say they are kind of nit picky)

- Sisko/Avery Brooks acting was really contrived and puppety. He didnt seem like he naturally fell into the role but was instead reading from a cue card. It got a little better and less noticeable past season 4 but that was pretty unnerving for a while there.

- Absolutely HATED the goatee. That whole bald look just wasnt working for him. He's no picard sorry to say. And anyone notice that he had absolutely no eyebrows? Was this a gift from the prophets?

- Jake Sisko. *sigh*. Its like the writers said, hey lets take wesley crusher, put him on steroids (the kid shot up like a foot in season 2) and dress him in all the odds and ends leftover from wardrobe. Granted, Jake started to dress like a normal person later on in the series and I think his becoming a writer actually added a lot of depth to the character.

- It took Kira like 4 seasons to stop being a lesbian. Its like she was hell bent on wearing the pants. I was surprised she and Sisko didnt develop some sort of romance (it seemed they were gearing towards Sisko and Jadzia having something going on but it never amounted to anything) It would have made Sisko's love for Bajor a little more plausible and I think would have added a lot more depth to both characters.

- Kassidy Yates was like Meg Griffin. She added absolutely nothing to the show. Picard had Vash, Crusher, Lt Nella Darren AND Anij... Stunning women and great actresses.... For Sisko they give him Penny Johnson?????? really?

- DS9 was filled with a surprising LACK of alpha male machismo. Not meaning to be sexist but come on, kirk and riker added a great level of humor to their respective shows. Quark on the other hand was a skeevy uncle and Odo might as well have been a peeping tom.

- O Brien seemed to be severely under written. He's supposed to be this Geordi La Forge level technical genius but instead they make him out to be lazy and almost Oafish. As busy as he always was it seemed nothing ever worked on deep space nine. He almost always had this "ive been taking a nap in the upper pylon" look on his face.

- Doctor Bashir another completely underwritten character. They tried to crank him up a notch by revealing he was genetically enhanced but they never took it anywhere. In the ST Expanded novels he's a much better character.. but alas its too little too late.

- Keiko: I always got the feeling she was meant to be the sort of maternal character that Beverly Crusher was. I was sad they didnt do more with her because Rosalind is a phenomenal actress. Instead they made her more like Wilma Flintstone.

There are some other things like the father son relationship between Ben and Jake. While it was very afternoon special, I thought they were a little too touchy feely.. Made them seem less masculine .. i dunno.. And ive never seen two men kiss as much as they did. I never kissed my dad.. Hugs sure.

All in all, DS9 took Star Trek to a whole new level. Definitely a must watch! at least 3 times!
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