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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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Well certainly nuTrek's a good deal more like TOS in most respects than ST-TMP.
This keeps getting repeated and simply convinces me those who say it weren't watching the same show others were watching.
Oh please. At best, TMP was derivative. They tried to do a Trek version of 2001, all while recycling the glacial plotting of "The Changeling."

I liked TMP just fine, for what it was (an attempt to present Trek in a different, more cerebral and ponderous light), but for it be held as some pinnacle of Trek? Or as representative of what Trek had been in TOS? Folks must have a pretty low standard for Trek to begin with (not to mention a short memory for what the majority of TOS actually was in comparison to TMP).
Yep. Anyone who thinks TMP represents what TOS is are the ones who must have been watch a different show.
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