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Re: Voyager Weirdness

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how can you be starting to watch voyager when you said you're on season 3 in another thread?

too much filler? you're going to hate tos then. no continuity there

also 'you saw another thread about her hairstyle..' which you started

neelix is the reason you fell in love with star trek? thats a whole barrel of crazyness there

( and might i suggest BorgQueenBoobs for the next one)
Ive seen most of the inconic TOS episodes (Trouble with Tribbles, the infamous Gorn/Kirk battle, Sulu's three muskateers romp and the kiss that was seen around the world)

(i have only started this thread. Is this something a new person shouldnt do?) And I meant that character development like Neelix and the Doctor (and Data, Worf, Sisko, Quark, Kira, Picard etc) is one of the reasons I find Star Trek so fascinating. The Star Wars expanded universe for example has a phenomenal level of development around the core characters (sorry for the cross universe blaspheming... but dont act like you dont know em!)

LOL Borg Queen Boobs?
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