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Re: Voyager Weirdness

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Hey All, Im just starting Voyager after a 10 year hiatus. Im a big time fan of TNG and DS9 which I thought took star trek to a whole new level

Voyager seems to be several steps backward. I am only halfway through the series 3 though.

Some of the things i've noticed are:

* the amount of "filler" episodes. TNG and DS9 had them but Voyager seems to be very little substance.

* The aliens are pretty one dimensional. Kayzon are like klingons that were banished from the home world, Talaxians, Ocampa and the Vidians dont seem to have much depth either

* The Voyager non-humans looked really.. well.. HUMAN. Kes might as well have been a chick I dated in highschool, Tuvok looks more human than vulcan, B'Lanna is like Meg Griffin with a head injury (look at her compared to Kaylar)

* Janeway seems REALLY well.. arrogant and almost Sarah Palin'ish.. I saw another thread about her hairstyle and totally agree. I always thought Sisko was a bit too wooden and puppety at first but he grew on me. Janeway seems to have this "I dont care what you think of me, just follow my orders" attitude

* I finished the episode where Janeway and Chakotay were trapped on the planet with some terminal illness. Why didnt the writers put a little more depth into their relationship? I think there would have been a great opportunity for a "Riker/Troi" type of relationship. Seems a shame to have Robert Beltran seem so ..well...neuterred for lack of a better term.

There is more but those are the things that really stand out to me and seem to be constants. There is a lot of good in it though. Characters like the Doctor, Neelix and Seska are the reason I fell in love with Star Trek.

Hope it gets better.

Yeah I am pretty sure this is StarTrekSlut apologies to the OP if you are in fact NOT StarTreKSlut.

I don't see any reference to blokes in your post, however StarTrekSlut used those very same asterisks you are using before every point as well.

And dude...if you love DS9 and TNG so much...why don't you go post there?

At least you didn't use any racial slurs this time if you are, in fact, the other poster I was referring to.
Did I miss something? Racial slurs? And am I referencing TNG or DS9 too much or something? I just wanted to point out the dichotomy between that class of star trek writing and that which is used on Voyager. (and even Enterprise which ive seen a little more of). I think both these series were done without Gene Roddenberry influence since Im pretty sure he passed away halfway through deep space nine

As I mentioned earlier, ive seen TNG and DS9 several times. Im only now going through voyager which is why I started this voyager thread in the voyager section. Is this in error?
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