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Re: Voyager Weirdness

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Come on! Neelix is GREAT! Imagine Guinan with a sense of humor, or Quark with a heart of gold! I think Neelix was the perfect balance between the two.

And the banter between him and Tuvoc is always priceless. I dont think Tuvoc ever even corrected him once on his "Mr Vulcan" nickname. Looks like he's more or less given in to Neelix charm!
I don't hate Neelix (some people do) because he did do the best he could and he did lighten up certain situations and scenes, but would I call him my reason for loving Trek? Noooo, not by a longshot lol. The Doctor lightened up scenes plenty and still managed to maintain his intelligence and wit and sarcasm.

Tuvok did usually keep his anger under control whenever Neelix would make a remark like "Mr. Vulcan".

But deep down he was thinking:

Once there was a grocery man whose name was simply Louie...until the day his store blew up and his produce went kablewie.

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