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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

I truly don't know what to make of the episode.

On a superficial level, I enjoyed the heck out of it. In the moment, it was great.

Beyond the superficial, it was a schizophrenic mess. I totally would have believed that RTD had written this, because the magic disappears with the least little bit of thought.

There are some genuinely Moffat moments -- the Doctor in the monastery (which doesn't make any more sense than the Doctor's exile to the 19th-century in "The Snowmen"), the Doctor putting Clara to bed and being a daffy Tim Burton character outside her window.

But then it's set-piece after set-piece. Occasionally it's creepy and chilling, but then the ending felt a bit flat.

The Doctor in lust is an interesting angle, and one that I wonder how the other writers will develop.

I'm glad Doctor Who is back. I wish this episode were a little deeper, and while I'm looking forward to Neil Cross' episode next week, it does look like it owes a bit to "The Beast Below."
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