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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

So, just watched the episode for the second time, and I feel like I can give some comments now. Didn't want to read through 13 pages, so some of the things may have been said before.

First off, the title, once more, has absolutely nothing to do with the actual episode, aside from a brief mention. Moffat's done this before ("Let's Kill Hitler", anyone?!), and it's kind of annoying. I like subtle titles that don't just give a description of the threat, but it should have something to do with the plot.

When we last saw the Doctor, he was thrilled of the mystery that Clara represented, and decided to get out of retirement to go look for her. So, this character who's always been portrayed as someone never staying long in one place, just having spent several months in Victorian London, chooses to begin his search for Clara in a monestary, and stays there long enough to change his outfit to a monk's cowl and paint a picture of Clara. Because that helps in his search, apparently.

Having found Clara, Moffat does the "Doctor who?" gag again. And again. And again. Seriously, how stupid does he think the audience is?! Yes, it's the ominous first question, which will be important in some upcoming adventure (presumably the 50th anniversary special), we got that already. Maybe Moffat actually loves the Peter Cushing movies, because in those "Doctor Who" was the actual name of the character.

I don't think the Doctor actually invented the quadracycle, there. Those have been around for ages. Just not as common as the bicycle. I had thought the Doctor would know something like that.

So, Clara needed some help with her WiFi connection, and later makes a Twitter joke. And for some reason, that's really suspicious.

Later, the Doctor and having-no-clue-about-computers-until-yesterday Clara sit in a café, with a laptop, drinking coffee from the money they collected from tourists who saw the TARDIS appearing and thinking it to be a magic trick (which was actually a nice touch), and after that bit and the ride on the motorbike, I kept wondering: Where did the laptop come from?!

And then there's the bit where the Doctor talks to the avatars of the evil lady, and at one point, the newsanchor on the TV turns into an avatar, which makes me wonder: Didn't anybody watching the program notice? And did the Doctor just reply to the TV, and evil lady heard?!

But the episode had its good moments, too. I actually liked the overall plot. Compared to the past one and a half seasons, this episode was even kind of focused.

I liked Clara. The part of her wanting to travel but kind of staying out of a feel of obligation was something I liked very much. It brought out a human side I've been kind of missing since RTD left.

The "But,... it's bigger on the inside" bit got a nice variation here, I thought. Though, nothing beats Donna's "It's smaller on the outside".

Liked the magic trick bit, and the avatars actually were kind of creepy (though not original), up until the Doctor started talking to the TV.

Also liked the anti-grav motorbike, and the twist with the Doctor actually still being at the café.

And Richard E. Grant returns as the Great Intelligence. Hooray for that.

So, all in all, one of the better episodes of Moffat-Who, I'd say.
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