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In the DVD series collection special features, Connor Trinneer says she has the hardest job in the show, due to the character. ... I've done stage work (not professionally), and it's obvious she did work hard at keeping the persona.
All jokes aside. Jolene Blalock maybe a terrific person. She may have been a hard worker. The role of T'Pol was indeed perhaps the trickiest and most difficult to play. I'll conceded all those points, however, she simply, by my estimation, did not have the experience or self-confidence to convincingly play such a demanding role. That is not necessarily a knock on her, but rather the producers who cast Ms. Blalock in the part - they threw her to wolves.

Leonard Nimoy was roughly a 15 year or so Hollywood veteran with a considerable educational and theatrical background (not to mention surviving the real world of hard knocks) when he first essayed the role of Mr. Spock. He was bona fide and didn't just lay the groundwork, but set the standard as well.

In terms of pure Vulcans we had Mark Lenard (brilliant as Mr. Spock's father, Sarek) and, to a slightly lesser extent, Tim Russ (Tuvok). Again, both actors had substantial educational and working experience before undertaking such a demanding and challanging role.

Jolene Blalock was a model turned actress with roughly 2-2 1/2 years experience. She was simply and obviously in over her head - not her fault nor does it shield her from criticism.

Also, this over-praising of a consistently sub-par performance, in my opinion, is in no small part why we were given so much bad "Star Trek." Hollywood has always been geared for maximum return on minimal effort (e.g. that's why the industry settled on the film standard of 24fps). Which means it is upon Trek's fandom to let the people in-charge know when they've crossed that line of too little effort or taking things too much for granted.

And by virtue of Insurrection, Enterprise, and Nemesis, I believe, the overwhelming majority would agree there was a lot of taking Star Trek's fandom for granted.

I re-iterate my position and opinion not to provoke but rather to clearly state my case minus the attempts at humor or snarkiness.

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