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Re: Deanna driving the ship...

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That's like expecting a doctor with rank of commander in the Navy to be able to pilot a submarine. They're different areas of training and it wouldn't make sense for that person to be called on to drive. It was just some nut at Paramount decided it was a good idea to put Sirtis at the helm for dramatic effect.
A Navy doctor doesn't serve as a bridge officer nor do they take command officer training. They looked at the Troi doing the command training in a season 7 ep (it was pretty forgetable - I just remember the simulation scene where she has send La Forge to his death to seal a warp core problem)

Your point is more valid if Crusher was taking over but she pointed in Descent that command would pass to the lowest ensign in engineering before it passed to her
That's my point. A doctor is never going to command a submarine no matter their rank. Nor is a therapist. The same applies to even driving one. You get specially trained for that. You don't just hand the controls over to anyone with a little rank.
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