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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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It took any mystery out of their fate.
Unless you think the only interesting thing that can happen to a character is what happens at the end of their life, there were plenty of things so far that are not revealed by knowing Londo's ultimate fate, such as how he drives the Shadows and Cartagia away, or even what Londo and G'Kar's true relationship in 2278 is (which you are getting more of a glimpse of now in season five).

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Londo gets killed by G'Kar, after being a puppet of an unknown alien for an unkonown amount of time (but, since the alien is already on the planet as early as late season 4, Londo's probably been a puppet from whenever he becomes emperor until his death, so it could be 15+ years of being a puppet, depending on when he becomes emperor). During that time, his home planet also gets trashed, and its Sheridan's fault. That was all shown
The point is it's still just an end result from the year 2278, which hasn't once helped you predict what will happen episode-to-episode. And in fact there are still gaps that are not filled in yet to how Centauri Prime ends as it does.
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