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Re: Does TOS Still Look Futuristic to You?

maneth wrote: View Post
Nope, especially not the computers. Those look like what they are, a 60s blinking lights vision of the future. Of course, the one thing that really dates TOS in my eyes is the miniskirt (and no, that doesn't look any better in the Abramsverse either).
Agreed all around (including the miniskirt comment). I can appreciate some of TOS' better written episodes purely for their stories, but just about every element of the visuals and overall production design of the show is so dated as to be distracting.
BillJ wrote: View Post
RAMA wrote: View Post
...with relatively smooth surfaces.
It's those smooth surfaces that serve to make it seem more futuristic than its offspring.
Eh, other way 'round, I'd say. Interestingly, though the less smooth, more detailed surfaces of the Ent-D, Defiant, etc. make those ships look better/more advanced from the outside, the more smooth, less blocky surfaces of control panels and such are what make them look more advanced from the inside.
spockboy wrote: View Post
If you liked the photoshopped pics, THIS will blow your mind.

ZOML! That is awesome work!

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