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Re: HD Remasters of 'Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2'Coming to the

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I miss the days of games taking 100+ hours to complete. Finished Mass Effect 1 today, taking 30 hours. Thought that was pretty good, until I loaded up my last FFVIII save on the PS3 and it clocked in at 80 hours and I hadn't even gotten on to the final disc yet.
20-30 hours max. Any game that goes beyond that sweet spot is just filled to the brim with padding and forced level grinding. When I was a kid with way too much free time and no money I loved the idea of a long game, but as an adult with a full time job I don't feel like wasting an entire evening with some slow grind of a game without making any progress. At 5 hours a week it would take me about 4-5 months to finish the game. I want to play more than 2 or 3 games a year.

Also, FF VIII does not take 100 hours to beat. No JRPG has ever taken 100 hours to beat (maybe Dragon Quest VII). Unless you're leaving the system on overnight or you're addicted to Triple Triad I have no idea how you can rack up that many hours with the game. Spoony's review was funny as hell, but you really don't need to draw grind to beat the game.


You know, despite saying that, I do tend to play a lot of long games. I am eagerly awaiting the Dragon Quest VII remake for the 3DS and I believe that's the longest JRPG ever made. I think I just prefer games to be shorter, but I'm not going to pass up a great game because it's long.
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