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Re: Deep Space Nine Revisited: A New Perspective

My wife and I finished the entire series last month. It was her first time and my first time all the way through (I had seen a lot of the episodes up through S5, the first part of S6, and the last part of S7 but hadn't watched every single one, so some were brand new to me. I had seen most of the last part of the "Final Chapter" eps so I knew how the series ended but, whoa, seeing WYLB after seeing each and every episode that had preceded it dramatically increased the emotional impact of the final few moments (I was tearing up) plus I hadn't seen the Bashir/Garak scene on Cardassia, which had been cut out of the broadcast. Powerful stuff. I thought that overall it was one of the stronger Trek series. I think that I liked it more also because I was a big fan of Babylon 5 and liked the running storyline narrative of DS9 (though I think that large portions of S6 and some of S7 could have been cut out to improve the storyline arc but I digress).
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