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Re: A New Star Trek Show Will Need a Stronger Focus on Characterizatio

Another thing - "Duet" is not some brilliant high-water mark in American dramatic television. It's a good story, very derivative of a well-regarded film, and it's something perhaps a bit more sophisticated for modern Star Trek than fans were accustomed to in most of the years of TNG that had preceded DS9 - that's all.

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Well, I'd definitely rate Deep Space 9 and Babylon 5 as better drama than mediocre shlock like CSI or House if we're talking about shows nominated for that category.
That does establish the boundaries of your taste fairly definitively.

Thankfully I tend to value sci-fi award bodies more than the showbiz ones. Those are just an excuse for celebrities to pat eachother on the back.
And sci-fi awards shows are nothing but opportunities for fans to flatter themselves. So nu?

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