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Re: Dark Horse to adapt George Lucas' original Star Wars screenplay

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This sounds great!

I love the early Ralph McQuarrie paintings that were done before George Lucas finished his shooting script. Hopefully a lot of the artwork will be derived from that.
Is that the work from A New Hope with the 3PO Prototype or is there other work out there? I would love a link if there is.
There were twenty or so originally, you can see some here but I don't know of a site with them all in one place; you can probably Google them up here and there. There's the art deco 3PO in the desert, "Luke" in an air mask vs. Vader with lightsabers, the Y-wing above the Death Star, "Cloud City" in gray clouds which was originally supposed to be in the first movie, a showdown in the cantina, "Luke" overlooking Mos Eiseley from a cliff under two suns, stormtroopers with lightsabers and shields waiting around a corner near the docking bay, bow-angle blockade-runner-style Millennium Falcon in Imperial docking bay with clouds visible outside, the exterior of the Yavin temple, ground crews working on Y-wings with a planet filling the sky, blockade-runner-style Falcon in Imperial docking bay reverse angle (showing her engine tubes), the sandcrawler, "Luke" and "Leia" at the edge of the abyss, "Death Star" elevators at the edge of abyss, Falcon visible through entrance in Mos Eiseley docking bay (originally blockade-runner-style but changed), the sand people, X-wings going down the trench away from the viewer, X-wing pursued by a TIE above DS surface, TIE pilot from behind looking into targeting scope with DS visible outside, the throne room interior and a few more I'm forgetting.
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