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Re: When Sisko met the Prophets

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So I’m trying to wrap my head around Sisko’s relationship with the Prophets. When he met them in Emissary they didn’t know who or what he was. So does that mean at the exact moment he meant them, since the Prophets don’t exist in normal linear time, they said , “hey we should make this guy,” and Sarah immediately went to Earth and met Grandpa Joe? And then immediately buried the Orb of the Emissary on Tyree?
There's no "exact moment" for the Prophets to make that decision, because they don't experience linear time. Since they are supposed to transcend our understanding of time, it's impossible to describe what they did in a way that we can understand, but it is certainly possible form their point of view that meeting Sisko in the wormhole is cause of them playing a part in his birth. As transcendent beings, they have the ability to influence cause and effect in strange ways.

The Pah'wraiths seemingly lost the ability to experience time non-linearly when they were expelled, which would explain why they try to fight the Prophets. If they knew they were destined to fail, they probably wouldn't have even bothered.
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