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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Vendikarr wrote: View Post
If it was just walkers they had to deal with, Woodbury would be the place. But with human enemies as well.. I would stick with the prison.
This was the thinking of the writers, too. Robert Kirkman raised the same points in reply to that question from TV Line.

J.T.B. wrote: View Post
What happened to the .50 caliber? That is a game-changing weapon, securing it should have been a high priority for Rick and co.
Was that the gun on the back of one of the Woodbury trucks? If so, it was still at the prison at the end of the episode. The truck drove over a spike strip during the attack, forcing them to leave it behind.

the G-man wrote: View Post
Anyone else think that Mazzara was fired/left as showrunner because he wanted to end the governor/prison arc at the end of this season and the producers didn't?
Mazzara himself said in interviews before this season started that the prison, at the very least, would remain through season four.

gblews wrote: View Post
The exec producer, Gale Hurd was quoted in the LA Times today sayig that season 4 would focus more on the present danger -- i.e., zombie attacks. FWIW, Hurd also said that Mazzaro left because negotiations for a new contract didn't work out (paraphrasing).
Yes, Mazzara's contract expired, so he wasn't fired. Considering AMC's reputation with showrunners, he probably wasn't satisfied with the amount of control he was given over the show.

propita wrote: View Post
Carol/Beth: They BOTH killed walkers! Go Beth! Nice to see that she can step up when needed.

Tyreese's sister: What is her name?
It wasn't the first time Beth had killed a walker. Poor girl keeps getting underestimated.

Also, Tyreese's sister is Sasha.
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