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Re: When Sisko met the Prophets

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So I’m trying to wrap my head around Sisko’s relationship with the Prophets. When he met them in Emissary they didn’t know who or what he was. So does that mean at the exact moment he meant them, since the Prophets don’t exist in normal linear time, they said , “hey we should make this guy,” and Sarah immediately went to Earth and met Grandpa Joe? And then immediately buried the Orb of the Emissary on Tyree?
The pilot really is the biggest flaw with the whole series in regards to Sisko's relationship with the Prophets.

Some will argue that it's as you say, they met him, then immediately went back in time(or whatever) to conceive him in their image. Which makes zero sense being Sarah Sisko was stated to have had no interest in Grandpa Joe and left him as soon as she could. If Sisko's "mama" the woman who raised him birthed him before he met the Prophets... it wouldn't have been Sisko. You can't meet someone then conceive him afterward time linearness or not.

Others will say the first encounter was strictly for Sisko's benefit so he could perceive them as aliens instead of as gods intent on using him for their purposes, which I'll lean towards since it fits the facts at least even if it's obviously apology material after the fact.
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