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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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When he fell asleep and got bored by a science fiction movie.
Too fucking bad for him. Tells me he's just as stupid as I think he is.

TOS wasn't targeted just at kids. It was meant as an adult level SF adventure/drama with broad appeal. So all it proves is that JJ is just as juvenile and shallow as the films he makes.
Do you read what you type before hitting 'submit? Because what you posted here is flat ridiculous whether you like Abrams or not. The man has been working quite successfully in Hollywood for a while now on both TV and the movie side of things and owns a highly successful production company.

I also don't see liking The Motion Picture as some type of litmus test for being able to make good TV/movies. Hell, there's a good chunk of the fanbase that don't like it.

You really need to dial back your reactions over J.J. Abrams and Star Trek 2009, you're just embarrassing yourself when you fly off the handle because someone mentions wanting it included in a book about a FICTIONAL universe.
So what? I know exactly what I wrote and don't apologize for any of it. I've never liked one single thing JJ has done so why should I cut him any slack?

I already said I don't really care if they include his shit in the chronology because I won't buy it anyway (if there ever is another).

And I'm not embarrassed for stating my opinion about a director du jour and the pap he cranks out. Millions might throw money at him in support of his work, but millions do things every day I would never even consider doing.

This emperor has no clothes and I'm not shy to say it.
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