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''Schindler's List'' Special Remastered Edition, Colorized and 3-D

The theatrical re-re-release is April 27th in selected theatres. This will include six extra minutes of previously unseen footage of co-star Embeth Davidtz's ARMY OF DARKNESS outtakes, as that film came out the same year. Spielberg says it was better to colorize the entire SCHINDLER film rather than to decolorize DARKNESS, which he privately admitted he enjoyed much more. (The memorable moment of the girl in red will still be equally memorable since she is now glowing radioactive green in the new version.)

''I'm removing all the guns this time and replacing them with walkie-talkies,'' he explained yesterday to reporter Archibald Halloran. ''This way we can get a PG-13 rating for the 20th anniversary edition, AND raise our grosses substantially. If this works I'll consider repeating the process for MUNICH, JAWS and SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.''

As for the 3-D, Spielberg just added, ''Now audiences can see the film as it was meant to be seen. And the remastering will improve on Ben Kingsley's booger shots, as well as Ralph Fiennes's. I'm totally satisfied with this version, though I could never admit so until there was actually a second version.''

There is also a completely new score by John Williams which is more action-oriented, as well as an ending credits anthem by Lady Gaga and Enimem. ''This way, SCHINDLER can be more accessible and relevant to today's questionable society. We'll also be including an Amon Goeth gag reel, but we'll save that for the DVD release on April 29th.''
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