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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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All B5 has really told you is that in 17 years, Centauri Prime will suffer a massive catastrophe which is somehow linked to the Shadow War (interesting, but not very specific); that Londo will be Emperor (which you have known since Point of No Return); that G'Kar and Londo will kill each other (which you have known since Midnight on the Firing Line); and that Sheridan and Delenn survive that encounter, which is new.

The flash-forward scene doesn't reveal all that much new information about Londo, it just rearranges it a bit and gives it some context. It does provide some additional information about S&D. It's ironic that their first kiss from Sheridan's perspective is in that future, while for Delenn it doesn't happen until the Whitestar fleet reveal.
Well, just because Londo thinks he'll be killed by G'Kar, or gets told by a "psychic" that could just be crazy that he'll be emperor, doesn't mean it will actually happen. Even then, I object more to knowing the Centauri homeworld gets trashed and he becomes the puppet of an alien with only very brief moments of control. It took any mystery out of their fate. Now, I have to worry about when Londo will stop being awesome and start being a puppet. Its not a great idea anyway, but if they had to do it that way, they could have atleast left it as a surprise.

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I'm fine with some stuff, B5's just got too specific for my liking.
How specific can it really be if you haven't predicted any of what actually happens to Londo in the episodes since War Without End and you're already 1/3 in to season five now?
Londo gets killed by G'Kar, after being a puppet of an unknown alien for an unkonown amount of time (but, since the alien is already on the planet as early as late season 4, Londo's probably been a puppet from whenever he becomes emperor until his death, so it could be 15+ years of being a puppet, depending on when he becomes emperor). During that time, his home planet also gets trashed, and its Sheridan's fault. That was all shown, so, unless thats all just a fake out and we learn that as soon as Sheridan left G'kar and Londo got back up and laughed about how they tricked Sheridan into thinking he knew the future or some other trick, there isn't really another interpretation. Nothing has contradicted that, in fact the show just keeps supporting that (with the regent being possesed by the alien). Its not like it ruined the show, its just one of the very few screw ups in the shows overall story.
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