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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

ETA: ^ Cool!

The Kid should have taken the look on Carl's face seriously, he might have made it through the encounter alive.

How long did Shane act as 'daddy' to him? Sure, Carl didn't hesitate to put Shane down when he threatened his Father after turning but I think all that time Surviving with Shane leading has set the example for Carl about what works for survival pretty deep into his consciousness. Rick HAS to try to reboot Carl's sense of compassion but I fear it's a long and possible futile endeavor he faces.

Poor Andrea.

Someone up-thread asked what happened to the 50., wasn't it attached to the truck the governor and his goon squad drove off in? Yeah agree, they'll be back with greater numbers and the surprise factor is gonna be their side. Watch your back, Rick!

Poor, poor Andrea.

I felt the prison assault was a little weak in execution but I am not bent out shape over it. It happened so fast I might have missed something; did the guy with the grenade launcher get taken out by the trap? Must have 'cause he wasn't using it to fire upon the ambushers (yes, that's not a word) on the catwalk.

Poor, pooooor Andrea. I was kinda disappointed, when after the governor stabbed Milton and left, that we're taken back to her story at all. Yes I understand it needed official closure but I had already imagined her torn apart by that time. She had already paid the price for her mistakes in my imagination so when it finally cut back to her, after I had closed that chapter in my head, it sucked. I felt like I was watching Jadzia Dax's (IMO) stupid death scene all over again.

Oh, yeah, I heard the noise after the shot to be an ejected shell as well.
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