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Re: Spock and T'Pring?

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They aren't ruled by their emotions so I don't think it would matter.
The Vulcans are extremely "hot blooded," but took up a philosophy of stoicism and pure logic by choice. I'm sure there's more to pon farr than "Well, let's get it over with, or the species will die out."

Human societies have many things cloaked in ritual, yet never spell it out so bluntly as TV show dialog. Many sports are a vent for the natural competitiveness in our species, and many fans clamor as though the outcome of the game really mattered. (Those not current on their rabies shots even get themselves arrested for expressing their fandom.)

I agree with Zap about the Vulcan nunnery. T'Pring should have taken the fifth; what she admitted to sounds overtly criminal to me. But then, desperate and emotional people can rationalize almost anything...
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