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Voyager Weirdness

Hey All, Im just starting Voyager after a 10 year hiatus. Im a big time fan of TNG and DS9 which I thought took star trek to a whole new level

Voyager seems to be several steps backward. I am only halfway through the series 3 though.

Some of the things i've noticed are:

* the amount of "filler" episodes. TNG and DS9 had them but Voyager seems to be very little substance.

* The aliens are pretty one dimensional. Kayzon are like klingons that were banished from the home world, Talaxians, Ocampa and the Vidians dont seem to have much depth either

* The Voyager non-humans looked really.. well.. HUMAN. Kes might as well have been a chick I dated in highschool, Tuvok looks more human than vulcan, B'Lanna is like Meg Griffin with a head injury (look at her compared to Kaylar)

* Janeway seems REALLY well.. arrogant and almost Sarah Palin'ish.. I saw another thread about her hairstyle and totally agree. I always thought Sisko was a bit too wooden and puppety at first but he grew on me. Janeway seems to have this "I dont care what you think of me, just follow my orders" attitude

* I finished the episode where Janeway and Chakotay were trapped on the planet with some terminal illness. Why didnt the writers put a little more depth into their relationship? I think there would have been a great opportunity for a "Riker/Troi" type of relationship. Seems a shame to have Robert Beltran seem so ..well...neuterred for lack of a better term.

There is more but those are the things that really stand out to me and seem to be constants. There is a lot of good in it though. Characters like the Doctor, Neelix and Seska are the reason I fell in love with Star Trek.

Hope it gets better.
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