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Re: Into Darkness ties to Star Trek XIII?

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I'm glad that didn't happen, because it would have been fanwankingly stupid. None of the casual moviegoing audience would have known that it was Khan's ship (and if they did, they probably wouldn't have cared)
I don't see the problem there. None of the casual moviegoing audience knew who that guy in the final scene of The Avengers was, so what? By that logic you would have to drop all Star Trek references whatsoever and make it a standalone movie with no backstory at all. But that wouldn't be Star Trek, would it?
It has nothing to do with it being a Star Trek reference. It has to do with the audience seeing some old ship shaped like a submarine with some prongs at the end, and are supposed to make some kind of connection to it. Now if the scene shifted to the inside of the ship and to one of the cryobeds, where a CGI Khan could be seen, that might be different. But again, all that would mean is that it's a lead up to the next movie, and having it simply be TWOK Mk. 2 isn't necessary.
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