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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

This was the best ending I've experienced in a great while.
Rick chose to live and The Goveronor chose to die. He comes back from a rout as his conscripts begin talking revolt; he can't go back to Woodbury with a stinging defeat and a grumbling "army" and obviously he can't regroup and go back to the Prison so, 27 deaths - and a couple of anus clenching henchmen - later, he rides off into season 4. Most likely with Randall's old group...
Meanwhile Rick brings back a busload of new cast members (hopefully along with a bunch of food, and supplies like as was mentioned, a generator) and no longer sees Lori as he has chosen the correct path.

I think the show will jump ahead a year or so - sure, you grow up fast in the apocalypse, but Carl's character should still not be shaving quite yet - and we will find the Prison a functioning community albeit on the lookout for more threats than from simple walkers.
The walkers are just dead; the Governor and his ilk are the walking dead. Rick and Company have chosen to live.
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