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Re: TSFS BluRay - Letterboxed Opening Credits

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In these days of flat screens without overscan (or where the consumer could adjust their TV to avoid overscan) it was a distracting travesty to ruin the credits by doing that. If you read the reviews at the time the Blu-rays came out---many people noted and lamented the use of pillarboxing.
But, are HD panels in the overwhelming majority at this point? I'm not so sure. This is purely anecdotal, but I know a lot of people who are still using 4:3 CRT sets - although admittedly, none with Blu-ray decks hooked up to them!

You are right, not that many people are watching HD Blu-rays on SD CRT tvs---that's why what they did was so frustrating. Basically because of one actors long name they 'windowboxed' two or so minutes of footage--Jesus it was 2009 there were multiple ways of making sure that her name fit without so obviously crunching the picture horizontally.
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