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Deanna driving the ship...

Hope y'all had a happy Easter!

Just done a little TNG movie marathon over the weekend, one each night from Friday to Monday. For some reason all the little faults with GENS struck me this time around, whereas I surprised myself by actually quite liking INS (despite still thinking the story stinks).


What was it with Deanna driving the ship in GENS anyway? Of all the people on the bridge, Riker decides she needs to take the helm? I mean, there are other officers on bridge duty in the scene that survive the Klingon attack but we saw at the helm earlier in the movie (ensign chick wearing red). But he orders the counsellor to pilot the ship out of orbie? Wtf? Talk about preferential treatment.

In fact, Will doesn't really acquit himself very well in this battle. He seems on edge all the way through, and makes several key decisions that ultimately result in the Enterprise's destruction. I hate the way the ship lets off just one volley of phaser fire then starts turning about as if she's going to run away. The Klingons are pegging them with disruptor fire the whole time the 1707-D is sloooooowly turning around the opposite direction. I understand the dramatic licence needed to destroy the ship (if Riker... or Worf... or Data... just did the sensible thing about rotated the shield frequency they'd have not been able to introduce a new ship in the next movie), but at the very least I'd say Riker's command here is a complete disaster. It's a surprise he's still the first officer in the next movie, and not down on Deck 22 mopping the floors. While Deanna drives the ship up on the bridge.

But what say YOU?
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