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Re: Tuvoks Hair... ridiculous

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As I get older i must get more cynical or something..
Happens to us all.

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Why do we need to have it shoved in our face this is a black guy thats some kinda vulcan. We should just accept it right? STUPIDITY..... takes away from the character development and instead you just have some ghetto looking dude who is supposed to be a vulcan..
The planet Vulcan has got Ghettos too. That wasn't just some mentor/protege relationship that Tuvok was building up with young Kes for a while there, he was totally thinking that he was gonna pimp dat ho when they get back to the Alpha Quadrant.

The idea of Tuvok "pimping" anyone is just so... not Tuvok.

I don't know... don't forget "blood fever."
"why oh why didn't I take the blue pill?"
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