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Re: Star Fleet and Genocide

eh? Is this bizarro world logic?
The only bizarro world would be the one where all conflicts are one and the same and end the same way...

The Soviets and the US both openly talked about MAD during the Cold War, and that conflict ended peacefully.
So, nothing at all in common with the case at hand, in which one side gave away its one and only trump card and can never use it again. Not to mention the two sides engaged in actual war here, using the weapon mentioned above, while the US and the USSR never did.

The Germans engaged in attempted genocide against the Jews during WWII. Does that mean that the Jews should have realized that it was necessary to carry on a war against Germany after WWII was over because the Germans had shown how dangerous they could be?
Well, Germany was totally defeated, unable to militarily resist even a sufficiently big mob of Jews with torches and pitchforks. The Dominion lost no men or materiel in its conflict with the Alpha Quadrant - save for whatever it built and bred locally after the wormhole was closed, which in itself proves the Dominion can trivially outproduce the entire Alpha Quadrant.

(I suppose this could go for the Slavs or any group hit particularly hard by the Nazi regime)
And they did understand that with Germany disarmed and no longer a threat of any sort, the inheritors of German technological might across the Atlantic would be the next big threat. Which is why a conflict against those inheritors continues this very day, with thousands of nuclear warheads in readiness.

The Federation and Dominion find common ground on which to build a relationship?
What ground? The only advantage the Federation could ever have utilized to appease this paranoid superpower, their record of good manners and benevolence, was completely lost with the use of the genocidal assassination scheme. Not only is the UFP as bad as all other Solids, with whom the Dominion has never found any common ground in the past ten thousand years - it is worse.

And just because they UFP played a trump card, doesn't mean they don't have any more in their deck or have quit working on developing more.
One should hope so. But the only vulnerable part of the Dominion appears to be the Founders themselves, and the trump cards don't fit that slot any more.

Timo Saloniemi
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