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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

All B5 has really told you is that in 17 years, Centauri Prime will suffer a massive catastrophe which is somehow linked to the Shadow War (interesting, but not very specific); that Londo will be Emperor (which you have known since Point of No Return); that G'Kar and Londo will kill each other (which you have known since Midnight on the Firing Line); and that Sheridan and Delenn survive that encounter, which is new.

The flash-forward scene doesn't reveal all that much new information about Londo, it just rearranges it a bit and gives it some context. It does provide some additional information about S&D. It's ironic that their first kiss from Sheridan's perspective is in that future, while for Delenn it doesn't happen until the Whitestar fleet reveal.
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