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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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The point you keep missing is that you were NOT in the wrong, exactly (we agree), but that you had an easy opportunity to HELP the situation, and you chose not to do that in favor of drivng more aggressively to make your point. Legally, you're fine. Doesn't help prevent accidents, but you won't get cited when the cops get there, I guess...
I still do not see where I failed to help the situation. Do you not see me roll to nearly a complete stop, partially so I can let the pedestrians clear my path and then when I realize the woman is swinging wide? I didn't try to shove my way through the intersection. Had I done that, there would have been an accident. Yeah, so I honked...not sure how that makes the situation worse. She was driving as if she didn't even see I made sure she knew I was there with the horn.

Pingfah wrote: View Post
Seriously, after this embarrassment of a thread had played out and was about to fade into the annals of TBBS history, you came back for more?

I hope you get another 100 post drubbing Flux, you'll deserve it.
Simply put, I'm not embarrassed. I don't see anything embarrassing about this thread. Just because a group of people don't like something I've done is no reason for embarrassment. I'll simply take the feedback and apply it to the future as I stated I would do in my previous post. If people think that I'm going to be shamed and embarrassed just because they don't approve of what I've done, they need to get over themselves. I'm sure everyone can think of a time when they did something, created something that some people (not all people, just some) did not like and they carried on anyway.

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Flux Capacitor wrote: View Post
That's another thing I'm going to be more conscious of: the things I say when these incidents happen. I know I should watch the language...I mean my mother does see these after all and there are far more clever and witty ways to express my displeasure.
And I'm sure all the "bitches" out there are so relieved to hear this. Good on you, Flux!

I may just cut audio out altogether and either dub in commentary after or just leave it mute to then also avoid the music issue. I realize not everyone appreciates The Used or Sevendust. We'll see.
You might well achieve the impossible if you go that route and make these videos even more boring.

And if I do use my horn, at least it sounds good and not like a tortured sheep.
...which, as we all know, makes all the difference. Thank goodness in this epic struggle you have that last ace up your sleeve!
I should have known that for one post where you're actually decent and polite to me there would be another one just as equally sarcastic and derisive as well. I guess it's that whole "for every action there is an equal and opposite..." deal. I love how I actually accept some of the feedback I've gotten yet that's still not good enough. Unbelieveable.
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