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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Strange Relations - Byron can be a bit too melodramatic at times. Lochley once again proves that she's a horrible person. Garibaldi should have hit her instead of going for Bester. Its not that I can't see her side with this, she doesn't want Bester trouble, but she goes beyond not wanting trouble and is downright just being a bootlicker to Bester. She only goes against him because Sheridan forces her too. She's probably a big fan of what Bester did to Garibaldi. Brainwashing people to do whatever they're told? Then they'd be just like Lochley, except they'd still have more free will brainwashed then she does not brainwashed. The centauri liner explosion was surprising, although it makes sense that Londo has enemies who'd do that. It was cool to see Lyta confront Bester and his men. After the revelation we get this episode, Lochley's appointment on B5 finally makes some sense. Sheridan figures that with her there, he may be able to convince her and Delenn to have a threesome. Its so obviosu now. I mean, I already knew he didn't hire her for her intelligence, leadership skills or integrity, because she has none of that. He just wanted to prove that James Kirk isn't the biggest ladies man in Sci Fi (FYI, the threesome comment is a joke, so don't start posting long comments about how wrong I am about it. I shouldn't have to say I'm joking, but its better to be safe than sorry ). G'kar being Londo's bodyguard is great. Overall, this was a good episode. Unlike bad characters in some series, Lochley isn't ruining the show. She's kind of the character you love to hate, although not at the same level as Bester, who's that way because he's a great character.
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