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Re: One-time Trek guest stars you'd like to see interviewed

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That may have changed. He's been on Warehouse 13 for years now. Last year, he and Brent Spiner had a reunion on that show. He's still fun to watch, even with BS tagging along.
I guess it has changed. I even remember reading about that somewhere, how Spiner and he were on the same show.
I'm glad I gave the show a chance ... eventually. I heard the plot of the series and figured "well, it's on sci-fi, so it's probably going to suck ..." and tuned in to an early episode. It only confirmed that opinion. A few years go by, and suddenly I'm hearing from all over the place how good the show is, how fun it is, and I give it a second chance. It would have been just before the Ashmore twin joined the cast. And yeah, it is tons of fun. Thanks to that, I have seen the Spiner episodes, and those two still play off each other brilliantly.

Spiner has range outside Data. Who knew?
"Sorry. Wrong movie, buddy."
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