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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

6x8-The Other Guys: It was all a dream episode which essentially renders discussing it moot. Except to say it was fun to see John Billingsley.

6x9-Allegiance: Was a good episode that I hope has the lasting ramifications of creating a stronger, unified front against the Gou'ald with the Tarrea, Jaffa rebellion and Tok'ra as is implied. This would be a case of all time backfire by the Ashkra assassin. It may not matter but would've been nice to know which System Lord sent him. Afterall the whole thing started when Anubis attacked the secret refugee base of the Tok'ra. I guess we can assume it was Anubis? Whoever it was though did perhaps get some gain in that the Alpha Sight is now compromised. Also about 2/3 of the Tok'ra were killed in the ambush, dwindling their numbers greatly. Meaning the rebel Jaffa who'd been using the planet will now also have to find new refuge like the Tok'ra.

6x10-Cure: We've made first contact on another planet that again seems willing for trade. They are fairly primitive but have one interesting thing to offer in trade. An inoculation that makes one's immunity system impervious to disease. What we later find out is that this planet, whose never been offworld, has a Gou'ald queen. They've been harvesting and synthesizing the properties of healing into their inoculation cure. However, if one doesn't stay on the inoculation it damages your natural system and you'd have no immune system. We also find out that this queen isn't Gou'ald but the originator of the Tok'ra. Good timing right, since 2/3 of their number were just wiped out??!! One of the Tok'ra sacrifices herself so the queen may have a host where the queen reveals she is dying and hold no malice towards the native population. She encourages as her dying wish the Tok'ra to create a remedy so the planets people can get back to having their own immune system take over.

6x11-Prometheus: A very nosey investigative journalist is sniffing around top secret Air Force projects. She confronts Carter whose off base running personal errands. She drops enough hints, namely Project Prometheus, that makes Carter aware there is a security leak. Hammond gets the President involved and the journalists editor gets a call from the President essentially ordering the story shelved. An elaborate compromise is reached to allow a film crew to document the ship and then, when the time is right, the station can air the footage as a Global Exclusive. What we find out is that all of this is an elaborate scheme by Col. Simmons in league with Gou'ald infected billionaire Conrad to get off planet. The Prometheus isn't yet perfected for interstellar travel but Conrad with his Gou'ald knowledge can get it working. The editor at the station is bribed into allowing the film crew to be agents of Conrad and they take over the ship. One of their demands is that Simmons, whose in custody for his prior debacle, be brought to them as well as Conrad.
The ship gets into orbit and Conrad does engage the engines and the ship X-303 goes interstellar. During the retaking of the ship though the engines are damaged and SG-1 is now left stranded light years from home. Conrad and Simmons appear to be dead, well Conrad for sure but Simmons was sucked out an airlock now possessing the Gou'ald. Those guys don't always stay dead so I'm hoping for more John De'Lancie down the road.

6x12-Unnatural Selection: Now I get the joke in the forum header: Sir, we can't call it the Enterprise! It never really occurred to me that was a quote just perhaps the mods being silly when naming the biggest non-Trek sci-fi sub-forum on the site.
So a reconstituted Thor shows up on the bridge of the X-303 asking for SG-1's help. He tows them back to Earth(rather quickly I might add) and repairs the ship while stocking it with the lowly projectile weapons and food stores they need. Seems the Asgardians have been overrun by the Replicators. They have a plan involving time displacement to trap the Replicators in a type of slowed down environment that would allow the Asgards time to find a way to combat them as real time progressed. This episode reveals that the Replicators are recreating themselves in the image of their own robitic human-esque creator. They now take human looking form, at least the few that have done so. It's this revelation that shows us the 5th version they feel is flawed, cause he acts too human. My mind jumped back and forth to him being a type of HUGH from the TNG episodes or Johnny Five from the 80's film Short Circuit and his quote "Number Five is Alive!" O'Neill uses #5's naivety against him and manages to use the Prometheus(cause it can't be Enterprise) and the Asgard weapon to ensnare all the Replicators in the time displacement field. I just feel this isn't the end of our humanoid Replicators and there will be hell to pay for betraying #5's trust.

All good episodes even if Other Guys was a meaningless episode.
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