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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

My impressions:

Carl: While his logic is a bit chilling, it has merits. The boy was NOT putting down his gun, but apparently handing it over. Had Carl reached for it, the boy could've either thrust it forward or pulled it (and Carl) back, making Carl lose his balance and aim.

Andrea: She was being naive, but maybe that was good for her, "fight the good fight" and all. After all, she had been a civil rights attorney. But in the world of TWD, she was naive and wrong.

Daryl/Merle: Here I was afraid that he'd shut himself off, but he recognized that Merle had indeed killed all those Woodbury men (because who'd've thought the Governor would kill them) and so redeemed himself. Merle became the man Daryl had hoped, but it cost Merle his life. That's why I think Daryl destroyed Walker Merle so hard--to destroy to monster that Redeemed-Merle had become. And Daryl realized that he could not go it alone.

Rick: He should recognize the validity of Carl's logic, but teach him to temper it. We don't have to see the conversation, but a reference to it--mention the hiker, Michonne, the refugees, etc.

Glen/Maggie: Great team! They didn't do too much here, but they're great together.

Herschel: I think he misread the confusion Carl was in.

Carol/Beth: They BOTH killed walkers! Go Beth! Nice to see that she can step up when needed.

Michonne: Fantastic character and actress.

Tyreese: Please let a brother live on this show! I'm just afraid his character will overlap Herschel's too much.

Tyreese's sister: What is her name? I like how she's practical and willing to stand her ground.

Refugees: So few? That's it? Less than a dozen? There were 72 people there, I thought more were non-fighters than that. I guess the Governor had pulled EVERYONE with him. And, yes, I would've stripped Woodbury of all resources, or secured them.

Woodbury Army: Oh, man! What a massacre! Literally! I thought there were a lot more going into the prison. And still the numbers don't add up. 72 people. Five (I had thought six) dead in Rick's raid; another 8 by Merle; plus Tyreese and his sister, leaving 61. Maybe a dozen refugees at most, and the Governor, Martinez, and the other guy, leaving 46. But the Governor didn't kill 46. I'm a bit confused on the count. Oh, glad Allan (Ben's father) bit it; he should have fired.

Martinez/Other guy: Why they didn't kill the Governor on the spot, I assume was due to shock. Now they've tied themselves to a crazy man. Guilt alone will compel them to follow him.

Governor: He is crazy! He bit off Merle's fingers--though he didn't eat them, he has become a living walker. I think he's going to take potshots at the prison next season.
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