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I'm not the diet police, eat whatever you want, I went through a veggie phase, and my best friend did it for 2-3 years and then started eating good, fresh, natural meats and went to me after it ended, "That was stupid for me, I feel much better now".
Sorry, but your post is easily interpreted as "vegetarianism is stupid", a position supported by the false assertion that we "need the vitamins and minerals from both meat and plants." Combined, it seemed like the stance of diet policers. So, sorry for getting you wrong, but I hope you can see how easy the mistake was, and that you recognize that your statement about needing meat is not factual.

As long as you aren't eating only veggies because hurting animals is mean, I don't care what you eat. Because eating plants is hurting the plant, and plants have feelings too. However the history of humans is based on eating meat and plants. Ancient humans were hunters and gathers, ate meat and berries. Then we learned to farm and eat more plants, which is horrible for our teeth, but still hunted too.
Oh wait, my mistake, you were being judgemental after all! And don't get me started on the complete lack of logic behind the paleo claims. I find it hilarious that people think it's a healthy idea to base lifestyle choices on people whose average lifespans were 25 years.

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