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Re: Into Darkness ties to Star Trek XIII?

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Do you really want it to just die and there be no more "Star Trek"? It looked pretty ragged after "Nemesis" and "These Are the Voyages".
Of course not, and I think that Bad Robot did a decent job with the last movie. And from what I saw in the trailes for the next one, it's gonna be spectacular.

I just don't agree with the common opinion on this board that nuTrek has to have as little connection to Star Trek as possible because they think that the general audience is too stupid to understand some references. And even if Joe Average doesn't get every reference, so what? I'm sure there are lots of references in other franchises that I don't get, but that doesn't spoil my enjoyment in any way.

Gaining a new audience is important and it helps the franchise to survive, but if we are going to reduce Star Trek to the lowest common denominator then it will become meaningless.
To whom? Certainly not the new arrival to Trek. And let's face it, the vast bulk of the long-time fans will watch the new stuff anyway.

The tribble, Delta Vega, the reference to Adm. Archer's beagle, along with a number of other nods and winks to prior Trek, were fine. They didn't confuse the story in any way to someone for whom the 09 movie was the first Trek they'd ever watched and they were familiar to any "old-timer". But they were completely superfluous and I would not have missed any one of them if they'd been edited from the final cut of the film.

Starship Enterprise? Check.
Kirk, Spock and co. are there? Check.
Starfleet? Check.

That's all the "backstory" anyone needs for it to be Star Trek. Anything else should be in service of the story being told and NOT in service of "connecting to the rest of the franchise". If it happens to do so, fine. If not, no big deal.

It's entertainment. So let it be entertaining. If it is anything more, that's a bonus. It's not a requirement.
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